Jones Health Care - Serving developmental disabilities across western Oklahoma
Jones Health Care is an authorized Residential Service provider for the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.  We provide waiver services through DDSD (Developmental Disability Service Division) and DHS (Department of Human Services) in counties across western and southern Oklahoma. 
Our primary service is staffing or DLS (Daily Living Support) and HTS (Habilitation Training Specialist).  The level of staffing is defined by the waivered services allocated by the State and supported by a team including Family Members, Guardians, Advocates, a Case Manager, our agency Program Coordinator, any Professionals representing services like PT, OT, Speech, Nutrition, etc and our direct care staff.
In addition to staffing we offer Transportation services; Vocational staff and opportunities including sheltered workshop; Transitional services; Supported Living services, IHSW (In-Home Suport Waiver) services; Financial Representative Payee;
We exist to provide services that compliment and enhance the quality of life for
physically and mentally challenged
individuals in Oklahoma; doing so by insuring
a nuturing and safe environment.
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